Leading and Encouraging People into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ

STRATEGY: We Gather.  We Grow.  We Go

Gather | Weekend Services

We gather on Sundays to hear practical Bible teaching and worship Jesus together.  Every day, we rub shoulders with people who are just one invitation away from beginning an adventure of knowing Christ.  Invite and “encourage” your family, your friends, neighbors and coworkers to attend Encouragers Church with you.


Grow |  Bible Study Sessions

The heart of Encouragers Church is to "make disciples."  We want to move people to attend more than our weekend gatherings. We “encourage” people to join us for Bible Study where people experience spiritual growth and authentic community with one another.  We believe intentional relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth.  That's why studying as a group is such an important part of our discipleship strategy.  Studying God's Word together, discussing the issues and challenges of life, and praying and caring for one another all happen here.


Go | Serving Our Church, Community, and World 

This mission of Encouragers Church is to serve in tangible ways.  Encouragers Church is all about getting people off the bleachers and into the game.  So often, churches are guilty of only serving within their own four walls.  While it is essential for people to serve in the local church - our vision is so much bigger than that.  We want people to serve their community and the world.